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Yoga Goat

Yoga Goat

What's a farm without a goat! What about goats that do Yoga!! This wrap is great for the goat lover, yogi enthusist or both!


Keep one by your coffee pot or tea kettle, or keep a wrap in your car or purse for those drinks on the go!


Cozie wraps are great for keeping your hands protected from hot beverages and dry from the icy/cold ones!


Smalls (one button) are the most versatile. They fit most mugs, small tumblers, to-go cups, and ice cream pints! They are great to keep in the car for ice beverages or hot coffee!


Large (two button) wraps will fit wider mugs and big mouth Yeti/tumblers.


*Wraps are machine washable and can be tumbled or air dry!


    Returns and Refunds

    How It Works

    Please message me about returns and refund. 
    No refunds/returns on custom orders.

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